To be considered for admission to our school, your student must meet an academic composite score requirement. Typically, composite scores are calculated using grades and standardized test scores. Students are ranked by score and admitted in order until school capacity is reached. Placement is calculated as follows: standardized test reading percentile* + standardized test math percentile* + (overall grade average x 6)

Step 1

Interested students can start the application process via campus portal or by completing the school choice printed registration form. If your student currently attends a BCPS middle school, they should also rank us as #1 on their high school choice application.

Step 2

After the student completes the application process, await for communication from the school or school district enrollment official. For transfer requests (existing students), click here.

Step 3

For additional support, contact the Admissions Manager, Ms. Bowman or call the school.

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“I am still impressed with the academics. The principal, teachers, and suppot staff make the school a great place to learn. It is a school that nurtures the entire child and I am proud to be an alumnus and a parent of a soon do be alumnus”.

-Dunbar HS alumnus review-